• Editor-in-Chief / Editor-at-Large

These editors are responsible for establishing and maintaining the general philosophy and tone of a company. The Editor-in-Chief manages both freelance editors and in-house editors across several departments.

  • Acquisitions Editor or Commiss1ioning Editor

These editors search for new writers and/or manuscripts, and decide whether submissions and pitches have a chance to be green-lit (or not). 

  • Copy Editor or Copyeditor

Copyeditors are primarily concerned with the nitty-gritty stuff: grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling. These editors also check for the visual appearance of the publication, especially the book block (the pages of the book). Today, most Copyeditors work freelance and are hired project-by-project.

  •  Contributing Editor or Editor-at-Large

In journalism, this is an editor who often contributes to a particular magazine and is highly respected. This type of contributor is also sometimes called a Roving Editor.

  •  Developmental & Substantive Editor

Especially in publishing houses that specialize in educational books, Developmental Editors guide a writer from the first spark of an idea to the finished product.

  •  Executive Editor or Chief Editor

This is the editor who will prepare a product for its final release.

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